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Modify Group Membership

In Morphbank, a User (aka Contributor) automatically has their own Morphbank Group. This User / Contributor is the Coordinator of their own group. As Group Coordinator, the user may add / remove other Morphbank account holders to / from their own group. Members of Morphbank groups have various roles (coordinator, lead scientist, scientist, guest). The Coordinator may also change the roles of the current group members.

Groups are usually formed by a set of individuals for the purpose of collaboration. Membership in a group is also part of the security model Morphbank uses to determine what objects can be seen (or not) by a given individual. To find out more about Morphbank Groups and Group Roles go to the Users and Their Privileges page.

Open Group Settings

To modify roles of existing group members or add / remove members to / from your Morphbank Group:

Tools > Group Settings opens the following screen:

show group information
Edit group allows one to change the name of an existing group and change the group status from active to inactive. Create Reviewer gives a Group Coordinator the ability to add a Group member that only has permissions to view the objects in the group. No editing or upload privileges are granted to a Reviewer.

Modify Group Membership

To add / remove group members OR to change the role of an existing member:

group member added
Before uploading any objects to Morphbank, it is important to choose the Group with which you would like the object to be associated. In other words, if you the Morphbank Contributor belong to more than one group, select the appropriate group after login, before upload. If the object is to remain private, you will need to be in this group to see/edit/annotate the object. Other members of your group will also need to select this group after login to see these images.