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Welcome to the Morphbank Users Manual

This online manual focuses on:

Last update of this documentation was made December 18, 2011 reflecting the latest software release of Morphbank v 3.

Contributors to the Morphbank User Manual: Wilfredo Blanco, Robert Bruhn, Christopher Cprek, Andy Deans, Chantelle Dorsey, Cynthia Gaitros, David Gaitros, Neelima Jammigumpula, Guillaume Jimenez, Karolina Maneva-Jakimoska, Austin Mast, Debbie Paul, Greg Riccardi, Fredrik Ronquist, Katja Seltmann, Steve Winner


General Topics

Image-Sharing Philosophy
User Manual Hints
System Requirements
Users and Their Privileges
Guide to Graphic Buttons
Morphbank Terms and Definitions
Screen Use Tips
Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
Add New Taxon Name
Information Linking
External Linking - Internal Linking
Morphbank Show
Zooming Viewer
Morphbank Web Services
Schema Map: Morphbank-Darwin Core-ABCD

Specific Guide to: Login, Groups; Browse - Search - Collect - Annotate - Submit & Edit via My Manager; Mirrors

Getting Started
Login - User Name & Password
   Login - Request a New Account
   Login - Update User Account Information
Group - Select
Group - Modify Members
Browse via My Manager
  Important Features - Keyword Search, Limit Search by, Select Mass Operation & Sort by
     My Manager - All tab
     My Manager - Image tab
     My Manager - Specimen tab
     My Manager - View tab
     My Manager - Locality tab
     My Manager - Taxa tab
     My Manager - Collection tab
          What is a Collection?
          How to make a Collection
          A Sample Collection
          Character Collections
     My Manager - Annotation tab
          What is an Annotation? / Types of Annotations
          Annotation - Add
          Annotation - Edit
          Annotation - Record Show
          Annotation - Taxon Names
     My Manager - Publication tab
     Browse - Taxon Hierarchy
     Browse - Taxon ABC
     Browse - Taxon Search
Preparing to Submit - Options and Considerations
Submit - via Web
     Add Locality
     Add Specimen
     Add View
     Add Image
     Add Publication
     Add Taxon Name
Edit - (Locality, Specimen, View, Image)
     Edit - Annotations
     Edit - Collections
     Edit - Taxon Name
     Edit - Publications

Mass Upload Options

Which Option Fits Best? - Options and Considerations
     Excel Workbook v3 Manual (pdf)
          Excel Workbook v3 - Animalia views
          Excel Workbook v3 - Plantae views
     Custom Workbook Instructions
          Custom Workbook
     XML Upload - Contributors convert their data into Morphbank XML Schema format.
     Specify plugin - (in alpha-testing): Users with data in Specify database utilize a plug-in to upload directly to Morphbank.
Help with Mapping, Bulk Upload and Web Services - Details for help and costs for bulk upload to Morphbank.
Validate Excel Workbooks via Web Services - Users can proof their Morphbank workbooks here, before sending to Morphbank for upload.