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The next seven manual pages explain how to add data and images to Morphbank via the web-interface. A Morphbank Contributor may submit data and images via: 1) the web interface, 2) one of 2 different Excel spreadsheets, or 3) via XML. Contact mbadmin at scs dot fsu dot edu for more information on the XML option.

After selecting Submit, the screen displays a sub-menu with choices of Locality, Specimen, View, Image, Publication or Taxon Name. The next 6 manual pages explain how to submit each of these objects to Morphbank.

N.B. For all Morphbank objects, the Contributor and Submitter fields default to the person logged-in & submitting via the web. If a Submitter is entering data on behalf of a Contributor, select the Contributor's name from the drop-down for each object. Go to Users and their Privileges for more about Morphbank Group Roles & Contributor / Submitter status. See example next.

Best Practices for Submit