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Validate Morphbank Excel Workbooks via Web Services



Use this web service to proof the Morphbank Excel Workbooks (Original or Custom). A user may upload the original workbook or the custom workbook for validation.
  1. upload the original workbook (mb3a.xls or mb3p.xls) or the custom workbook for validation
  2. browse your files to find the Excel workbook you filled out
  3. click Submit Query to upload
  4. a report is returned
  5. If no errors are found, the workbook is ready to send to Morphbank for upload.
  6. Else, fix issues found. Get Morphbank assistance if needed. Try the validator again.

     screen shot of validate Excel form

The web services code checks validity of the following Original Workbook fields (mb3a or mb3p).

For the custom workbook, the following issues are checked:

If you need assistance after validation to understand any error messages, please send an email to mbadmin@scs.fsu.edu