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Mapping, Mass Uploads and Web Services

For help with mapping, mass uploads and web services, Morphbank can put you in touch with people to assist you.

The following items serve as examples of how one of these individuals may charge for a given service. This outline helps users decide how they might proceed as would-be contributors of many images to Morphbank. Note, each use-case is unique and these contractors will evaluate each request and give the contributor a quote up-front.

1. Upload via Morphbank Custom Workbook and XML. RATE: $40.00 / hour
This assumes the contributor's existing database has been mapped to Morphbank. See # 2 below.Use this option if the contributor's data is already in a database. NB. The Specify team is building a piece of software to automate data export from Specify6 into Morphbank. It is currently in the beta testing phase.

2. Mapping to Morphbank. One-Time Fee @ RATE: $40.00 / hour
For users with existing databases, mapping is provided at $40.00 / hour and is a one-time fee. The contributor receives a map of the Schema. Hint here to users: the more familiar a would-be contributor is with Morphbank, the faster this process will be. Users may send a sample dataset to get an estimate of how long the mapping might take.

3. Upload via Morphbank Excel Workbook - 250 records per workbook RATE: $40.00 / hour
Suitable for smaller datasets - where the contributor's data is not already databased. Upload of one workbook of this size will take 1 - 2 hours and assumes the contributor does the following:

4. Helpdesk & User Feedback Response. RATE: $40.00 / hour
Time will be accrued & billing will take place on a to-be-agreed-upon schedule (quarterly, perhaps).

5. Subcontract or Consultant
One may pay our support person/s directly for support with lower overhead on our side. Contact mbadmin@sc.fsu.edu for an estimate.