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Annotate Taxon Names

For Taxon Names found in Morphbank, you may wish to comment, add/correct publication data or note an error. For names that you cannot directly edit you may Annotate Taxon Names.

How to Annotate a taxon name: video
Access this feature of Morphbank directly from:
header menu > Browse > Taxon ABC > find desired name > click Annotate icon
header menu > Browse > Taxon hierarchy > find desired name > click icon
or header menu > Tools > Submit > Taxon Name > Taxon Name Search > find desired name > click button
In addition, the Add Taxon Name Annotation screen may also be accessed from any other icon. See Paths to Annotation
Example of an Add Taxon Name Annotation screen.

Taxon Name Annotation Fields

Click "Submit" to finish the Annotation. This annotation is published (viewable by all users of Morphbank) immediately after clicking "Submit."
How to synonymize Manuscript Names with Regular Scientific Names
When a published Manuscript Name is given a Regular Scientific Name you cannot change the original manuscript name in Morphbank. However, you can synonymize these using Annotate Taxon Names. To do this add the new name to Morphbank with Type of Name being 'regular scientific name,' then add an annotation to the manuscript name.