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Add Annotations

Annotations can be added to images, taxa or images that are inside a collection. Annotations are possible in Morphbank anywhere the annotate icon annotate icon appears. Inside of a collection an alternate annotate icon icon replaces the annotate icon icon if Annotations exist for that object.

Click the Annotation Icon to add a New single (one at a time) annotation or click on several images inside an image collection to annotate mass (multiple) images at one time.

Adding new single (or Mass) annotations:

After logging in, a user may create Single annotations from

Single annotations are created through Browse - Images, through the results of a Search, through an existing annotation (annotation - show, etc.) or through a Collection (i.e. browse - collection, collection, collection - show etc.)

For example, to reach the Add Annotation screen, logged-in users can select the annotation icon located beside the thumbnail image of the record to be annotated as seen in Browse - Images (see next) or through the results of a Search.

The Add Annotation screen is accessible from many places in Morphbank.

Paths to Add Annotation
  • Browse - Images > icon
  • Search > icon
  • Browse - Images > click any thumbnail or to open Image Record - Single Show> scroll down to click on "Add Annotation"
  • Header Menu > My Manager > Annotation tab: Click the to open the Single Show for the Annotation. To add an Annotation, click on Add Annotation.
All required fields are followed by an *. Fields change depending on the Type of Annotation selected. Users can view the image with the unique features of FSIViewer by clicking on the Image id number in the Annotation Title (see example above).

Adding new Mass Annotations:

A user with a login account can annotate a group of images called a "mass annotation". Mass annotations can be made through any area in Morphbank that accesses collections i.e. Browse - Collection, Collection, Collection - Show, etc. By selecting all or any subset of a group of images, a user can request to annotate that collection by calling the add annotation screen and entering the data. This will cause an annotation record to be added for each individual image selected. Additionally, if the annotation type was a determination, then a Determination Annotation record will also be added or created through the Annotation Show function.

To access annotations through Browse - Collection, locate the collection to annotate. Click on the icon to open the specific collection to annotate.

Users can also access the mass annotation process from Tools - Collection Manager, click on the Collection id of choice, then check images in a collection (check the box in the lower left side of the image). Then click Annotate Checked Objects. If only one image is selected to be annotated, the user will be directed make a single annotation.

Sample Mass Annotation:

Tag descriptions
  1. Mass annotation heading: This displays the collection id and name that the mass annotation was initiated from as well as the number of images that were selected to annotate from the collection.
  2. Image thumbnails: This list of thumbnails represents the images that are included in this mass annotation. The list will scroll as needed to display all included images.
  3. Related annotations: (available only with the annotation type of Determination selected.)This list will contain all specimens associated with the images contained in tag 2 above.
    • Taxonomic name - represents the lowest level taxonomic name of the specimen.
    • Taxon Author - Author of the taxonomic name from the ITIS database.
    • History - This contains the historic data relating to prefix(s)/suffix(s) and totals regarding previous annotations associated with this determination. A (agree with taxon name), D (disagree with taxon name), S (number of specimen(s) with that taxonomic name and collection of images).
The instructions for the remaining fields contained on the mass annotation page can be found in the Add Single Annotation section at the top of this page.
Note: The reference to image markers and labels on the add annotations page are not available for mass annotations.