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Browse - Taxon Names

In this option, users can avoid possible spelling or name recollection difficulties by using the Browse - Taxon Names option. All taxon names are listed in alphabetic order. The default screen will list all alphabetized taxon names starting with the letter A. To jump to another letter in the list, select that letter from the letter strip.

Users may select the camera beside a taxon name to display a list of associated images in Browse - Images. Clicking the annotate annotate icon icon gives users the ability to comment about a taxon name in the database if they have user privileges for that taxon. Selecting the tree of life symbol will list the Taxonomic hierarchy of the Taxon name. The icon, where present, links to the ITIS database entry for that taxon name.

  • This taxonomic classification is based on the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) database maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • When a taxonomic Id has a value greater than [999000000] it is considered a temporary id. Temporary Ids are assigned to taxon names that have not been officially entered into the ITIS database.
  • The number of images shown beside the taxon names may not be the actual count. Image counts are updated periodically. Values that remain constant over several hours can be assumed to be accurate. Images just submitted may take time to publish so image(s) may not be immediately viewable but may be listed in the count.