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Edit Taxon Names

There are restrictions to editing names in Morphbank. If you personally have added names to morphbank and they are not published and have not yet been sent to ITIS, you may change them.
  • you may only edit taxon names that you added to morphbank
  • no one else has used that name since you added it to the system
  • you cannot change the parent if someone else added children
  • published manuscript names cannot be edited
  • once a name is published you cannot unpublish it
  • regular scientific names cannot be edited if they are under review by ITIS
  • to change a parent all of the children must be changed first
  • to change the rank all of the children must be changed first

Find and Edit a taxon name

A user may Edit their contributed taxon names by:

  1. First, selecting the Group the user was logged into when the name was uploaded.
    Select the Group from the Header Menu > Tools > Select Group > groups list or hover over Group at top left of Header to choose Group from a list.
  2. Going to Header Menu > Tools > My Manager > Taxa tab
  3. In the Keywords field, enter the name (or at least part of the name) to be edited. Click Search button.
  4. If there are many hits, use Limit by in the left sidebar. Click Contributor, then Go button.
    The new search results will be limited to names the logged-in user has uploaded to Morphbank.
  5. Find the name of interest in this new smaller set. Click the edit icon edit icon to open the Edit Taxon Name screen (see below). Screen opens in a new tab (default).
  6. Correct the fields that need updating, click Update button.

Edit Taxon Name fields:
How to synonymize Manuscript Names with Regular Scientific Names
When a published Manuscript Name is given a Regular Scientific Name you cannot change the original manuscript name in Morphbank. However, you can synonymize these using Annotate Taxon Names. To do this add the new name to Morphbank with Type of Name being 'regular scientific name' Then add an annotation to the manuscript name.

Jump to Add New Taxon Name for more information about the fields for Add/Edit Taxon Name. However, if you find other Taxon Name errors or wish to comment on names you cannot directly edit you may Annotate Taxon Names.