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External Linking - Internal Linking

Morphbank provides an option to link deposited images to any external link (link to a site outside Morphbank) and link any site back to Morphbank (internal link).

External Links - Adding to any Morphbank record

Morphbank Contributors using mass upload methods may add these external links during upload. Information needed includes the:

When logged-in and browsing, a Morphbank user can add external links to objects they are uploading or to objects they have already contributed or submitted.

  1. To supply external links for images, specimens, views, locations and publications already deposited in Morphbank, browse for the desired object and click on the edit icon.
    • For images and other objects already deposited in Morphbank the label and link information will need to be associated with the actual Morphbank record id. This id is unique to each record and is located at the top of each Morphbank record.

  2. After clicking on the edit icon, go to the bottom of the Edit screen and click on the blue highlighted text "Add External Links." This will bring up the external links submit/edit form as seen below. A Contributor/Submitter will supply external links in this same place during the submitting process, if submitting through the web interface.

  3. Type: Select from the drop-down list the appropriate link type. Selections might include, Institution, GenBank, Publication, Google Maps or Other
  4. Label: Type in a short, descriptive label. This label is the name of the link that will appear on the Morphbank record page. Appropriate labels would include the name of the institution that the link is going back to or the name of the gene region that is linking to an accession number. Examples: Google Map, CO1, AMNH. Make sure the label is brief.
  5. URL: Enter or cut and paste the URL where the link is located.
  6. Description: Free text entry about the link. Example: comment about the institution that is being linked to.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. To add more than one external link, click on the plus sign. The minus sign will remove any link not needed.
Note: A Morphbank Contributor or Submitter can add external links from anywhere the icon appears in any My Manager tab. It's done exactly as described above once the edit icon is clicked. Also links can be edited or deleted as needed after a record is published.

      Image Record Show - sample External Links

Internal Links - Link Back to Morphbank From an Outside Source

The source and copyright holder must be cited when images are used from Morphbank. To satisfy this requirement, it is highly encouraged and beneficial to link images back to the Morphbank record that contains this information. For example: Assuming the above image has been linked to a Web site, this image should be linked back to the Morphbank record.

Internal Link Options

Since each object in Morphbank has a unique identifier in Morphbank, it is possible to build a URL to point to that object (i.e. return that object to the user). Objects include: Contributor, Submitter, Group, Image, Specimen, View, Locality, Publication, Collection and Annotation.The following table shows how a URL is built to point to various objects in Morphbank.

Internal Link Samples

Base URLMorphbank Object IdActual Internal Link to MorphbankWhat the Link Returns
http://www.morphbank.net478760http://www.morphbank.net/?id=478760Morphbank Image Metadata + 400px image
http://www.morphbank.net228716http://www.morphbank.net/?id=228716Morphbank Specimen Metadata + 400px image
http://www.morphbank.net575098http://www.morphbank.net/?id=575098Morphbank Collection
http://www.morphbank.net464413http://www.morphbank.net/?id=464413Morphbank Annotation
http://www.morphbank.net579435http://www.morphbank.net/?id=579435Morphbank Image Metadata + 400px image
http://www.morphbank.net579435http://www.morphbank.net/?id=579435&imgType=jpegMorphbank Image jpeg
http://www.morphbank.net579435http://www.morphbank.net/?id=579435&imgType=thumbMorphbank thumbnail
http://www.morphbank.net 579435http://www.morphbank.net/?id=579435&imgType=jpeg&imgSize=500Morphbank Image with user-specified width

Sample Internal Link

If the Contributor wishes to show the Image and Metadata for the Image, this is the Morphbank "Show" page for the Image Record.
The URL looks like: http://www.morphbank.net/?id=65847
and when clicked, opens the following page in Morphbank.

Linking back to the Morphbank record provides a valuable increase in available information associated with the image to include data about the locality, collector, specimen, contributor, etc. This increases the value of the image to a webpage. For those interested in using images deposited on Morphbank for online keys and Web sites, please contact Morphbank admin mbadmin at scs dot fsu dot edu for options and suggestions.

Note: Morphbank is an Entrez LinkOut ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/linkout/) provider for the Nucleotide ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=Nucleotide) and Taxonomy ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=Taxonomy) databases. Morphbank will provide NCBI with the accession numbers and ids that are sent for the purpose of linking GenBank back to images of voucher specimens on Morphbank. Morphbank also provides links for NCBI taxonomy using images deposited in Morphbank. These links are updated periodically. If only GenBank accession numbers and Morphbank ids are involved, then the full URL does not need to be provided, but only the accession number. Data for external links may also be accepted in tab-delimited or comma-delimited text files.

Image Ids - A Special Case

Using Image Ids to Embed an Image in an external Web site

A simple example:

is embedded in this manual's html using an img src tag:
<img src="http://www.morphbank.net/?id=133776&imgType=thumb" />

Getting Morphbank Ids to Build URLs

Via Services, users retrieve Morphbank Ids for various objects. Using these ids, Contributors create urls and may also build other websites that utilize web services, pulling images via their ids. See Morphbank Web Services in this online user manual for more details.