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Preparing to Submit

Before submitting data into Morphbank, users must have available each of the following:
Note: The fields with * next to them are required, however, It is with great emphasis that we suggest all applicable data fields be completed. This will improve the reliability and accuracy of data searches. The above listed information is only the minimum needed to successfully submit data into Morphbank.

In addition to specimens, images, views, and localities, Morphbank users are encouraged to submit:

Submit Options

At this time, users have several options for submitting images & associated data to Morphbank. Other options are being developed. Users may contribute to Morphbank via:

  1. Morphbank Web-Interface: This option suits users wishing to periodically contribute a relatively small number of images. In addition, this approach is useful for those where the associated data is not in a database already. This online user manual describes how to do this.

  2. Morphbank Excel Workbook: Users wishing to contribute 100 - 250 images at a time, may find this method useful. A multi-page Excel Workbook is populated by the Contributor. Morphbank staff uploads the completed workbook. If users need assistance to complete the workbook, Morphbank staff steps in to assist. This workbook and an accompanying manual are found at:

  3. Morphbank Custom Workbook [xls]

    This newest upload method utilizes a modifiable Excel file. It is meant to be a more efficient upload strategy (for everyone). The Worksheets are easily tailored to the those desiring to use only a few Morphbank fields or to those wishing to use many of the Morphbank Fields and add user-defined fields for their data / images. This option requires unique identifiers for the contributor's images and specimens. It is most suitable for those whose data is already in a database. If a contributor's data is not in a database, they must create these unique identifiers in order to use this upload option.

    Suggestion: download and open this Workbook to look at while reading this documentation in the Online User Manual at Custom Workbook Help

  4. Morphbank XML Upload: Users with data in a database and many images (>500) are encouraged to use this option. This method is suitable when users plan to upload multiple large datasets and the accompanying images over time. Efforts are underway to automate this process. To use this option at-the-moment requires:
    • Contributor-provided unique identifiers for images and specimens in the dataset.
    • Mapping Contributor's database fields to Morphbank fields.
    • Checking & Adding Taxon Names where necessary, to Morphbank, before upload of data & images.
      • Login and use Taxon Search if checking, let's say, fewer than 20 names.
      • Use Name Query to check a long list of taxon names and get a CSV file report of matches / non-matches.
      • Names added to Morphbank via 1) web site, 2) Excel Workbook, 3) Taxon Upload form (contact mbadmin at scs dot fsu dot edu)
    • Contributor's Data in Morphbank XML Schema format
    • Perhaps Modifying the Morphbank XML Schema to accomodate the Contributor's dataset.
    • Upload of Data
    • Images sent via FTP or hard drive
    XML Expertise:
  5. Those would-be Contributors facile with XML are encouraged to contact mbadmin at scs dot fsu dot edu. Users must put their data into the Morphbank XML Schema format to use t this upload option.

  6. Morphbank via Specify6: In progress, software is being designed and written to enable those with data in Specify6 to upload directly to Morphbank with the click of a button. While this method inserts data into Morphbank, software is also being written to automate the Image upload process.