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Submit: Add Specimen

The data entered on the Add Specimen screen provides information about the specimen and the parties involved in the collection of it. If not previously added, provisions have been made on this screen to add a locality, if needed. Locality data is not required. Any instruction label that is followed by an * is a required field and must be completed before submitting.

Path to Add Specimen: header menu > Tools > Submit > Specimen

Note: The person logged-in will be the name of the person that displays in the "Contributor" field above. If a Submitter is entering data on behalf of a Contributor, select the Contributor's name from the drop-down.
  • Unique Reference ID best practice is to combine an acronym prefix + an identifier.
  • The database table storing this identifier requires the values be unique. If the identifier string entered is already in this table, the user needs to figure out a different prefix.
  • For example, a user, Fred S Unstead, has a Specimen with ID=1234567 and puts his initials as the prefix for: FSU:1234567
    • Florida State University (FSU) entered Specimen IDs with prefix=FSU + an identifier (1234567).
    • Fred S Unstead needs to change his prefix in some way, for example: FSU-S:1234567 (where the S is for Specimen).
  • The external unique reference ID can be used in future uploads and for updates of current records in Morphbank.

When the Add Specimen form has been completed, Submit to complete the add specimen process. A message will confirm that you have successfully added a specimen. From this point the user can continue to add additional specimens or return to the Upload (Submit) screen.

Note: When the Add Specimen screen is activated from the Add Image screen no message will be seen. Instead, the new specimen will appear in the appropriate field on the Add Image upload form.