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Edit Annotation

Edit Annotation contains the previously entered annotation data that can be edited by the owner (only available if the annotation is not yet published.)
Edit Annotation is now accessed through the Annotations tab in the new My Manager interface. Select from the Header Menu Tools > My Manager then click the Annotations tab. A user may click the edit icon of any of their own unpublished annotations to make necessary changes.
The information included on the Edit Annotation screen reflects all the previous data that was included on the original annotation. To edit the information on this page, click on the appropriate area to highlight the data and type in or select the corrected information. The type of annotation cannot be changed. If, however, the annotation has not been published, it can be deleted entirely and re-entered under the proper type. Help in filling out the data fields on this page can be obtained in Add Annotations located in this manual. After the changes are made, click the button to save the changes.