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Edit Collection

Edit Collection contains the previously entered collection data that can be edited by the owner (only available if the collection is not yet published.)
Edit Collection is now accessed through the Collections tab of the new My Manager interface.
  1. Select from the Header Menu Tools > My Manager and then click on the Collections tab.
  2. Or, Header Menu > Browse > Collections. The old Collection Manager has been replaced with the My Manager Collections tab.
  3. Find your collections with Keyword search and/or Limit Search by Contributor.
  4. Click the icon to open the Collection.
  5. You may wish to: Change the order of the objects and save the order, change the titles of some of the objects in the collection, or perhaps delete objects from the collection.
  6. All changes must be followed by clicking on the update/submit button to register the change.

To get complete instructions for editing Collections go to the Browse - Add Images to a Collection or Collections areas of this manual.