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From the Collections tab in My Manager, users can see any collection they've created in Morphbank as well as any other user's published collections. Morpbhank users will catch on quickly due to the modular nature of the tools and icons.

A collection is a group of any objects in the Morphbank database assembled by members for the purpose of viewing and/or manipulating (e.g. rearranging the order, editing, and/or annotating, etc.) and storing the collected objects for future use.

Collections Tab
Currently, there are 3 types of Morphbank Collections:
  1. a Collection of Images (and / or other objects -- a mixed collection),
  2. a Character Collection created to illustrate Character States for a defined Character, and an
  3. OTU Collection consisting of Specimens and Taxon Names -- designed to help a user describe operational taxonomic units (OTU)s. OTU collections are in the Taxa tab.
One can also create a collection of collections, which is very useful when putting links in publications to objects in Morphbank.

Features and Functions of the Collections tab

Note the highlighted areas of the above image briefly explained next. Image / Mixed Collections & Character Collections are found in this tab. OTU collections are found in the Taxa tab.

Create a Collection

A Sample Collection

Edit a Collection

: A collection must be unpublished or a user will not be able to Edit the contents. To Edit an unpublished Collection, click the information icon to open the Collection. Alter the contents as desired. A user might delete some objects, change the title for some of the objects, or rearrange the objects in the collection and save the order.

What exactly is a Collection?

Character Collections

Known Version Issues

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