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In the My Manager Taxa tab users can access all the taxon names in Morphbank with the associated data.

What can a Morphbank Contributor do with the Taxa tab?

  • A user may see all (if any) of the taxon names they've contributed to Morphbank.
  • Add a new Taxon Name to Morphbank from this screen's add new taxa button button in the left side-bar as well as
  • Edit any unpublished name they've added via the edit icon icon displayed to the right of the taxon name.
  • In addition, users may Annotate any taxon name in Morphbank from the annotate icon icon.
  • Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs) can be defined and added to Morphbank.

    OTUs express a concept of a possible new classification, or grouping of taxa. These can then be shared with other users. Functionality to export these may be added in the future. Here's a Sample OTU in Morphbank using Specimen records and 4 taxon names to express the concept of Apidae.

  • Note the Toggle Taxa/OTU radio buttons allowing the viewer to limit the data being reviewed.

Path to My Manager Taxa tab:

My Manager Taxa Tab

Features and Functions of the Taxa tab

Morpbhank users will catch on quickly due to the modular nature of the tools and icons. Note various highlighted areas of the above screen shot are briefly explained next.

Creating OTUs with My Manager

: To group objects (in this case Taxa) together to create an OTU, ...
  • use the check box check box seen just to the left of each Taxon Name and Id. Each item checked will be highlighted green.
  • After checking all desired items, go up to the Select Mass Operation drop-down and choose the desired action
    (Create New OTU or Copy to Existing OTU).
  • Click to finish this task.
  • Any OTUs created can be seen in this Taxa tab. Use the Toggle Taxa/OTU radio buttons to limit the display to OTUs only, if desired.
  • For any OTU, click the icon to see the objects in a particular OTU.
Currently, there are 3 types of Morphbank Collections: a Collection of Images (and / or other objects), a Character Collection created to illustrate Character States for a defined Character, and an OTU Collection consisting of Specimens and Taxon Names -- designed to help a user describe operational taxonomic units (OTU)s.

Add a Taxon Name to Morphbank

Edit a Taxon Name in Morphbank

Known Version Issues

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