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What is a Collection?

This section of the manual explains what a collection is and what user can do with a collection. A collection is a group of any objects in the Morphbank database assembled by members for the purpose of viewing and/or manipulating (e.g. rearranging the order, editing, and/or annotating, etc.) and storing the collected objects for future use.

For instructions on how to create a collection in Morphbank go to:

How to Make a Collection

Currently, there are 3 types of Morphbank Collections:
  • a Collection of Images (and / or other objects - a mixed collection),
  • a Character Collection (composed of images & character states) created to illustrate Character States for a defined Character ,
  • and an OTU Collection (consisting of Specimens and Taxon Names) -- designed to help a user describe operational taxonomic units (OTU)s.
One can also create a collection of collections, which is very useful when putting links in publications to objects in Morphbank.


Guidelines for working with collections:

A User may have multiple collections that will be identified by a name on the screen. Since the collection will have a unique internal identifier, the name may be duplicated but is not recommended.

Unpublished owned collections:

Unpublished collections owned by other users:

A user may...

Published collections:

The user's group/user's collection relationship:

Managing collections: