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All View tab features and tools found here are used the same way in other tabs of My Manager. All Views contributed/submitted to Morphbank will be seen in this tab. A view captures information about the image, including the: specimen part featured in the image, view angle, imaging technique, imaging preparation technique, sex, form and developmental stage of the object in the image.

Taking images of specimens in a systematic way with regard to the concept of a standard view allows users to group images in new ways and paves the way for future use of these images to link meaningfully to illustrated ontologies as well as image recognition software of the future. Note here, a user can see all the images using a particular Morphbank View by simply clicking on the camera icon for a given View. Would-be contributors are encouraged to utilize this feature by using existing Views if Views are found that fit. If new Views are needed -- the user creates their own set of standard views.

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Views Tab

Features and Functions of the Views tab

Morpbhank users catch on quickly due to the modular nature of the tools and icons. Note the various features in the above screen shot are explained next.

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