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Submit: Add Publication

Publications added to the Morphbank database may relate to any object in Morphbank including specimens, images, collections, annotations, views, localities, and taxon names. If adding a regular scientific name to the database, adding a corresponding publication is required. External Links may be added to a virtual copy of the paper.

Path to Add Publication: header menu > Tools > Submit > Publication

Add Publication Screen

Data to be entered for the Add Publication screen varies with the type of publication selected. Note the required fields are indicated by a *. Fields that do not apply to a given publication type are grayed-out.

Note: The person logged-in will be the name of the person that displays in the "Contributor" field above. If a Submitter is entering data on behalf of a Contributor, select the Contributor's name from the drop-down.

Morphbank provides an option to add External Links to this record. For complete instructions on providing links refer to External Linking in the Information Linking section of this manual.

When the Add Publication form has been completed, Submit to complete the add publication process. A message will confirm that you have successfully added a publication. From this point the user can continue to add additional publications or click return (goes to the front page of Morphbank) or click on the desired destination using drop-downs in the Header Menu.