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What is an Annotation?

Annotation allows users to add additional information to objects in the Morphbank relational database. An annotation is a comment about an object (could be an image, collection, or taxon name) that is stored separately from the object itself. Annotations are identified in Morphbank by a unique internal id.

Two Icons are used for Annotations in Morphbank. The annotate icon indicates the user may Annotate this object. The alternate annotate icon lets the user know Annotations exist for this object. Click the alternate annotate icon to view the Annotations. When using My Manager, each tab displays the objects in that Morphbank Module and any Annotations present are also noted there by a link as -- No. Annotations: (some number).

The created annotations are published (viewable to the world) when released by the creator (default 6 months if not otherwise notified).

Note: Currently, only images, specimens and taxon names have annotation options but in future versions, users will be able to annotate any Morphbank object ( i.e. image, specimen, locality, view, publication, annotation, character, etc).

Guidelines for working with annotations


A user may have multiple annotations that will be identified by a title on the screen. Since the annotation will have a unique internal identifier, the name may be duplicated but is not recommended. (When making mass annotations all will have the same initial title in My Manager > Annotations tab).

Any logged-in user can annotate any image, any set of images in a collection or taxon name that is released. Any logged-in user can annotate any image or collection (of images) that has not been released provided they belong to the group who owns the image or image collection. With the release of the latest (Beta) version of Morphbank 2.7, Annotations are managed from the Header Menu > Tools > My Manager > Annotations tab interface.

Unpublished owned annotations
A user may:

Unpublished annotations owned by other users
A user may:

Published annotations:

The user's group/user's annotation relationship:

Types of Annotations