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Annotations tab - My Manager

The My Manager > Annotations Tab offers the user a list of all the annotations that have been created under the current user name as well as all other published annotations in the system. There is no limit on the number of annotations a user may have. Use the Limit Search by: or Keywords search features to display a select group of annotations.

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Features and Functions of the Annotations Tab of My Manager

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Creating Collections of Annotations

Using the check box next to any Object Id in Morphbank, items are selected for inclusion in: a New or Existing Collection. In the Annotations tab of My Manager, one can create a New Collection of Annotations, or perhaps Add Annotations to a Collection containing a variety of objects. The Check All button allows a user to select all the objects on a given page for inclusion in a Collection. Then, one uses the Select Mass Operation: Create New Collection or Copy to existing collection and clicks Submit. The created collection will appear in the Select Mass Operation drop-down of the other My Manager tabs so that more objects can be added to the same collection.

Clicking the info icon opens the Annotation Record (Single) Show