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Submit: Add Image

The data entered on the Add Image screen provides information about the image to upload, the specimen to which the image belongs, and its view. Both a specimen and a view should exist before uploading an image. If not previously added, provisions have been made on this screen to add a specimen and a view.

Are you uploading more than 1 image of the same specimen? Note that the Specimen record in Morphbank displays the first image uploaded for a given specimen. Morphbank suggests using the image that best represents the overall specimen - this is referred to in Morphbank as the standard image. After uploading all images for a given Specimen, a user can edit the Specimen record to change the standard image for the Specimen.

Image Issues

  • The image file should be in the form of (bitmap [.bmp], joint photographic experts group [.jpeg, .jpg], and tag information file format [.tiff]).
  • (Phillips SEM users see warning notation in the Image to Upload and Magnification sections below.
  • For tiff images with color format = grayscale, see note in the Image to Upload section).

Path to Add Image: header menu > Tools > Submit > Image

N.B. If a user belongs to more than one Morphbank Group - be sure to select the group for this Image before upload.

N.B. Morphbank displays locality information to everyone, logged-in or not. Use care when uploading images of threatened / endangered / protected entities. When adding a Locality for this situation, please enter only general locality data for these records; avoid precise locality details like latitude / longitude data.
  • Unique Reference ID best practice is to combine an acronym prefix + an identifier.
  • The database table storing this identifier requires the values be unique. If the identifier string entered is already in this table, the user will have to figure out a different prefix.
  • For example, a user, Fred S Unstead, has a Image with ID=123456 and puts his initials as the prefix for: FSU:123456
    • Florida State University (FSU) entered Image IDs with prefix: FSU + an identifier (123456).
    • Fred S Unstead needs to change his prefix in some way, for example: FSU-I:123456 (where the I is for Image).
  • The external unique reference ID can be used in future uploads and for updates of current records in Morphbank.

When the Add Image form has been completed, Submit to complete the add image process. A message will confirm that you have successfully added an image. From this point the user can edit the image information just submitted, continue to add additional images or click return (goes to the front page of Morphbank) or click on the desired destination using drop-downs in the Header Menu.