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All the features and tools found here are used the same way in other tabs of My Manager. All Specimens contributed/submitted to Morphbank will be seen in this tab.

All provider-contributed Specimen data is displayed in the Specimen tab. A casual browser sees how many images & annotations are present for each specimen. Unique to this tab and the Taxa tab, a user may create an Operational Taxonomic Unit (OTU) Collection. By collecting a specimen record or records and adding a taxon name / names to that Morphbank collection, a user can create / illustrate a description of a new taxonomic grouping or possible new classification, i.e. an OTU.

Path to the Specimens tab after login is Header Menu > Browse > Specimen. Or, click Browse in the Header, then click on the Specimen tab.

Specimens Tab

Features and Functions of the Specimens tab

Morpbhank users catch on quickly due to the modular nature of the tools and icons. Note the various features in the above screen shot are explained next.

Add a Specimen to Morphbank

Edit a Specimen in Morphbank

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